Ieva Dilytė

Senior Manager of International Programs, Chicago Sister Cities International

Phone: 312-201-4533

Ieva Dilytė is the Senior Manager of International Programs with Chicago Sister Cities International. She leads core CSCI initiatives, manages volunteer sister city committees, facilitates international delegation visits, and coordinates exchanges that focus on arts and culture, business and economic development, education, environment and social services between Chicago and its sister cities. In addition, she focuses on cultural programs for CSCI.

Ieva is a native of Vilnius, Lithuania. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Art History, Theory and Criticism from the Vilnius Academy of Art and a Master of Arts in Gender Studies from the Central European University in Budapest. Before moving to Chicago in 2008, Ieva worked at the National Art Museum of Lithuania managing various art and culture projects. Among the larger projects she worked on, were the Vilnius–European Capital of Culture 2009 and the National Pavilion of Lithuania at the Venice Biennial of Contemporary Art. She is fluent in German, Lithuanian, Polish and Russian.